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Current Project

Monkton Combe - Bath

We are currently working on a large scale project that covers a few acres of land in the Monkton Combe valley near Bath. Its beautiful location offer incredible views along the back of Combe down and across to Midford Castle.

The project involves clearing a large area consisting of brash, nettles and various plants which have taken over the area. Then landscaping the area to accommodate beehives and rural developments. It also involves building around 90 steps from the bottom of the property to the very top. These steps were vital in connecting the various levels found at the property.

Another area of the project focuses on a middle tier where a new retaining wall and raised planter are to be created. A seating area installed with a new lawn. 

The photos show a real transformation:

So far we have created large usable spaces on the top of the property including a 60m2 parking bay. Access throughout the grounds have been implemented using a variety of techniques from sleepers to stone and sandstone paving. Ineffective retaining walls have been replaced with longer term solutions.

Working with the clients practical needs and long term requirements with have managed to create a fantastic new space and renovate other areas which required attention. We continue to evolve this interesting, gem of a property on the outskirts of Bath.

Before Video of Large Landscaping Project - Bath